Masters in Travel

Join our community of entrepreneurial, growth-minded travel advisors to accelerate your success.


Masters in Travel is a community for travel advisors, by travel advisors. 

Inside this community, you'll find a series of Community Forums where we collaborate, share insights, and answer questions to support our colleagues. These forums are for travel advisors only.

Also inside this community is where any courses or workshops that you have purchased via the Masters in Travel Academy Marketplace are hosted.

(If you're interested to purchase a new course, please go to the Marketplace, purchase the desired course, and you'll receive a link via email to direct you back here!)

"Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life."

– Amy Poehler

This Community is for highly motivated travel advisors who are…

  • Generous with their knowledge, insights, and resources
  • Collaborative and transparent by nature
  • Equally invested in upleveling their own business as well as the travel advisor community as a whole
  • Ready to lean into their most authentic selves to attract their ideal clientele

Who is behind Masters in Travel?

Hey everyone, I’m Whitney! 

When I first decided I wanted to pursue a business in the travel industry, I didn’t know what a consortia was and I didn’t know what a host agency was. My first business plan resembled that of a DMC more than a travel advisor because, although I started my career working in a 5* hotel in Shanghai, China, I didn't know anything about building a business as a travel advisor.

During my first two years of business, it often felt as if each decision I made and each strategy I implemented was a shot in the dark. As my business grew and I found my way, I figured things out, I learned a lot the hard way, and I often felt that I was operating in a silo and reinventing the wheel every step of the way. 

Let me clear, there isn’t one answer that anyone can provide that will just “make” your business succeed. A community can’t build your business for you. A community can’t be patient, dedicated and passionate for you. What a community can do is create a safe space where we are mutually supportive of each other and where we share our insights, our knowledge, and  experiences so that we can create, build, and scale our travel businesses side-by-side, with intention. 

I’ve created this space for you and I invite you to join us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone join? Is this community connected with a host agency or a consortia? The Masters in Travel Community + Think Tank is open to all travel advisors and has very intentionally been created separate from a host agency or consortia affiliation. We believe that we have the greatest learning opportunities when all minds come together and when resources are accessible to wide audience of travel advisors, at all points in their journey, building all types of businesses.

What if I’m interested to join the Masters in Travel Community but have not officially started my business? We are so excited you found us! We encourage you to first peruse the Masters in Travel Academy Marketplace, specifically the "Foundations of a Travel Business" content. This will get you started off on the right foot when starting your business. If you'd like to learn more before registering for a course, tune in to the Masters in Travel Podcast! Once you've officially started your business as a travel advisor, come right back here and "Request to Join" to gain access to the Community Forums.

DISCLAIMER: While this community will absolutely accelerate your success as a travel entrepreneur, it requires patience, grit and hard work to start, grow, and scale a business. If you aren't willing to show up for yourself and for your community on a regular basis, to share your knowledge and resources, and engage in conversation, please don't waste your time. This resource is for collaborative travel advisors committed to growing their businesses with intention.